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MVC 4, Razor 2, RWD, HTML5 and CSS3 application:

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Responsive Web Design
Media Query, CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, NuGet
Resize the browser to see RWD in action!
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Latest Download
MVC 5, Razor 3 & Bootstap 3 Application
Mobile 1st Responsive Design
Interactive UI Design with Dashboard
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Expert in Frontend / UI Design
MVC 4, Razor 2, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, Knockout
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Wide experience of .Net
NET 4.5/4.0/3.5/2.0, C#, VB.NET – 11+ Years
Government Experience – 3+ Years
RDBMS, T-SQL, SQL Server, ADO.Net – 16+ Years
LINQ, EF 4/5, WCF 3/4/5, Web Service – 6+ Years
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Creative and Innovative
Expert with OOD, OOP, DRY, IID and RAD Architect Methodology


Thanks for visiting - a MVC4, Razor2, HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Web application.

This application is being under development. I have been creating this web application using all Latest and Cutting Edge technology of the Microsoft products for the .Net and MVC, including a Mobile – First Responsive Web Design (RWD), JQuery, JQuery UI, HTML5, CSS3, MVVM, various JQuery Plugins and NuGet Pakages. Step by step, I am adding numerous inspiring samples and creative application for downloads in this web application.

Please resize the browser to see Responsive Web Design (RWD) in action.

On 1st January 2014 (on New Year), I published a brand new sample application, developed with latest and grated cutting-edge technology, MVC 5, Razor 3 and Bootstrap 3 for download at GitHub.

Download MVC 5, Razor 3 and BT 3 Application from GitHub:

www.GadhiaSiraj.Net (.Net 3.5) and (.Net 2.0) are my other two online applications.

To know what is update on this website and update history, please click “Key Features” tab.

Thanks again.

-Siraj Gadhia


Key Features

Key Features of this online application:

  • Mobile first based Responsive Design(RWD).
  • Frontend design with Media Query, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
  • Creative and unique layout with 6 distinctive themes.
  • Developed with MVC 4, Razor 2, Web API, MVVM, EF, WCF, SQL Server Express 2012 and VS 12.
  • Used various jQuery Plugins including Easing, Cycle, jQuery UI, PIE, Node and Knockout.
  • Implemented various NuGet Packages.
Latest update:

22nd August 2014:
  • A new demo video 'ForgDirect ETMS MVC 5 Sampel Web Application' added at YouTube account.
  • Added a ‘Demo’ tab on this welcome screen to view a YouTube demo video.
21st August 2014:
  • Updted contact information.
  • Vist a 'Contact' Page.
  • Added a demo video at YouTube account, more demo videos are coming soon at YouTube account.
  • Added a YouTube Social Icon link to integrate a YouTube account for downloads.

24th January 2014:
  • Added CSS3 Animation at few places.
  • Added CSS3 based Font Face.
  • Fixed few issues with Media Query and with CSS3 class at all themes.
4th January 2014:
  • Added a link button to each slide of the home page main slider.
  • Added a new slide “Latest Download” at home page main slider.
1st January 2013:
  • Added a new MVC 5, Razor 3 and BT 3 sample application for download at GitHub.
  • Added anew tab at “Download” page for a new MVC 5, Razor 3 and BT 3 sample application download.
  • Vist a 'Download' Page.
  • Added new screenshots of MVC 5, Razor 3 and BT 3 sample application at "Screenshots Gallery".
30th December 2013:
  • Redesigned “Download” page with GitHub downloads urls. Provided 2 Sample web application to download at GitHub.
  • Vist a 'Download' Page.
  • Added a "Screenshots Gallery" page and updated "Samples" dropdown menu with a new "Screenshots Gallery" menu item.
  • Visit a 'Screenshots Gallery' Page.
25th December 2013:
22nd December 2013:
  • Added a GitHub Social Icon link to integrate a GitHub account for downloads.

30th November 2013:
  • Added below 3 components at footer
  • 1 - Screenshots Gallery.
  • 2 - Tweeter feed.
  • 3 - Facebook Like Box.
13th Jun 2013:
  • Added a ‘Powered By’ components.
26th May 2013:
  • Added a new 'Top Image Slider' with new images.
  • Created a 'Facebook Page' account and attached URL to Facebook icon.
  • Updated About page.
19th May 2013:
13th May 2013:
  • Added a 'Responsive Tab to Accordion' components and enhanced some Media Query for RWD.
  • Added one more new theme, now total 6 themes.
  • Added a ‘Resize Browser’ Icon.
26th November 2012:
  • Added 5 themes and enhanced CCS3 for cross browse rendering.
  • Added a 'GoTop' functionality.
  • Added theme selector.
3rd October 2012:
  • Launched this sample application.


ForgDirect ETMS MVC 5 Sampel Web Application demo (3.5 min):

Download MVC 5, Razor 3 and BT 3 Application from GitHub:

Top Skills

Top Skills and Experiences:

  • USA – 10+ Years, Canada – 4 Years, India – 9+ Years
  • Government Experience – 3+ Years
  • .NET 4.5/4.0/3.5/2.0/1.1, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript – 12+ Years
  • MVC 5/4/3, Web API, Razor 3/2/1, RWD, Bootstrape – 4+ Years
  • .Net 4.5/4.5.1, HTML 5, CSS 3, MVC 5/4, MVVM, Web API 1/2, Razor 2/3, RWD, VS 2012/2013 – 3+ Years
  • Front End, UI, UX Design – 7+ Years
  • AJAX, AJAX TK, JQuery, jQuery UI – 8+ Years
  • T-SQL / SQL Server / RDBMS – 16+ Years
  • LINQ, EF 3/4/5/6, WCF 3/4/5 - 7+ Years


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